About KBeautyMag

KBeautyMag comes from the creative essence of Veruska Anconitano, a journalist and SEO&Globalization consultant whose journey through the realms of Korean culture spans decades. This website aims to shed light on Korean beauty and assist people in selecting products that cater to their specific needs and concerns.

My romance with K-beauty unfolded years before it danced onto the global stage. Blessed with sensitive skin, my journey was about tender care and mindful choices. When adult chickenpox invaded my life for the third time, I yearned for a product to heal and rejuvenate my skin, dreaming of a better canvas. My quest led me to myriad avenues until a Korean magazine whispered tales of miraculous products making waves in its homeland. The digital world wasn’t generously sprinkled with English resources, pushing my curiosity to wander through Korean websites online, hunting for that elusive remedy.

As I tenderly embraced the philosophy of Korean skincare, I took a leap of faith… and stumbled upon my skincare and makeup haven. The famed 10-step skincare regime was my initial companion, transforming my skin into a soft, clear, and blemish-free canvas that sparked wonder and queries from people I met. Was it magic, chemical, or surgical wizardry, they wondered. As I unfolded my K-beauty tale, their intrigue bloomed. This inspired me to refine my routine over the decades, nurturing it into a simplified yet potent ritual that my skin adores. Along this path, my pen began to waltz on paper, weaving stories and wisdom about K-beauty until the KBeautyMag was born to guide others in navigating their skincare and makeup odyssey.

K-beauty was my saving grace, a fountain of confidence, and a joy that rippled through my being. It was an invitation to a self-loving ritual, a time to honor my reflection in the mirror. Through the pages of this magazine, I share this enriching journey, offering a trove of product recommendations curated from personal rendezvous, all with the hope of helping you unveil solutions or, perhaps, to rediscover the joy of mirror time.

I invite you to explore the heartbeats of this website to find resonance, answers, or simply joy. If you wish to share your stories or seek guidance, contact us. Let’s weave conversations on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s to unveiling beauty, one K-beauty tale at a time.

KBeautyMag is a project run by GiVe Marketing, an agency specialized in creating multimedia content. Giuseppe is the driving force behind the scenes, instrumental in molding the site to its current form.


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