FOREO Luna 3 Review for Your K-Beauty Routine in 2024

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Cleansing the skin is the fundament of K-Beauty, and it has to be considered a priority. The classic line-up of Korean beauty and skincare products may be all you need. Still, if you want to take advantage of technology within your K-beauty routine, there’s a product that cannot be missed in your cabinet: the FOREO Luna 3, already known as the must-have gadget every skincare lover should have.

In this review, you’ll learn everything about the FOREO Luna 3, how to use it within your K-beauty routine, how to get the most out of it, and more.

I’ve been using Luna 3 for quite a while now after having used the now discontinued Clarisonic, and I’m glad I switched over.

Keep reading the article for a complete overview of the product and its features, or jump to the section you want to know about if you don’t have much time.

What is FOREO Luna 3?

Luna 3 is one of the latest products developed by the Swedish company FOREO.

It’s a waterproof cleansing device that helps to remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, sweat, make-up residue, dead skin cells, and more from your pores. It’s made of silicone, and this means it’s extra-hygienic and resistant to bacteria buildup. Its high-tech T-Sonic™ pulsations allow you to choose between 16 different intensities to clean up your skin without traumatizing it.

Aside from being easy to use, the Luna 3 is also compact and suitable for traveling so that you can bring it with you anytime, without any problem. Also, a single recharge allows more than 600 uses!

What is the difference between the FOREO Luna 3 and the Clarisonic?

If you are used to the Clarisonic, you will find FOREO Luna 3 way more performing. First of all, you will never have to change brush head: this means that you pay for the device, and it will last for the lifetime of the product, making you save money. The Clarisonic had the biggest problem ever: the head brush was the best environment for bacteria breeding, while the Luna is made out of ultra-hygienic and nonporous silicone that’s resistant to bacteria buildup. Finally, the charging: the Clarisonic quickly lost its charge and took a long time to recharge. The Luna 3 recharges quickly, and a single recharge allows 650 uses.

FOREO Luna 3

Which FOREO Luna should I get?

Luna 3 is available in three colors that correspond to various skin types:

  • The Luna 3 for Normal Skin, Pink;
  • The Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin, Violet;
  • The Luna 3 for Combination Skin, Light Blue.

Each of these three devices is specifically built for that particular type of skin, so it’s necessary to evaluate your skin type to make sure you buy the Luna 3 that best fits your needs.

I got the Sensitive Skin one, which is also the best choice to play safe.

There is also another option: the Luna Mini 3. It is the smallest device compared to the Luna 3, and it works on all the four main skin types, normal, dry, combination, and oily. It costs a little less, but it’s not customized to a specific skin type, while the Luna has three variations made for the aforementioned skin types.

How to use FOREO Luna 3 for cleansing?

Using the Luna 3 is easy and quick. The only thing you need to remember is to unlock your device before using it for the first time.

Once you’re ready to go, follow these steps to use the FOREO Luna 3:

  1. Open the App so that you can control your device in real-time and also register what you’re doing;
  2. Dampen your face, apply your favorite Korean cleanser directly to your LUNA 3, and hit the start button twice;
  3. Start using the device in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off;
  4. Rinse Luna 3 and keep going with your skincare routine.

How to clean FOREO Luna after use3?

You may think that the secret to longevity is to clean the FOREO Luna 3 accurately.

The truth is that the Luna 3 doesn’t require much effort to be cleaned: now and then, clean it with warm water and soap, let it dry, and you’re done. Never put it in the dishwasher nor the washing machine. It is also a good idea not to use silicone-based cleansers that can unbalance the touchpoints.

How to use Luna 3 for massaging?

One of the most loved features of the FOREO Luna 3 is the integrated massaging system, activated only via the app. Just follow the instructions on the app to select your firming massage treatment among the followings:

  • Eyes massage
  • Neck
  • Contour
  • Mouth

The massages last for up to 4 minutes, depending on the area you’re targeting, and will help you tighten up your skin and prepare it for the next steps of the beauty routine.

Make sure you use the massaging system with a serum; otherwise, it may be too heavy on your skin: I use Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop from Klairs, and it works perfectly.

How Often Should I Use FOREO Luna for Cleansing?

In fairness, I’ve been using it twice a day, every day, in the morning and the evening, and it just feels good. If you’re afraid, your skin may react badly, then use it max once a day or every other day.

Ensure you check your skin accurately to spot any problem caused by the device’s excessive use, and adjust your routine based on your needs.

Each of us has a different routine, reflecting on how we use the Luna 3 as well.

How Often Should I Use FOREO Luna for Massaging?

You can use the massaging system as often as you want, but remember not to stress your skin too much. I personally use this feature once or twice a week, and it works perfectly for me.

In case you’re into the idea of using a massaging system regularly, I recommend you check out the FOREO Bear that uses advanced microcurrent & T-Sonic™ pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face & neck and can be used daily.

Bear Foreo

Can I use LUNA 3 without the app?

You can use the Luna 3 without the app, but the truth is that you won’t get as many benefits if you don’t use it. If you want to use the massaging functions, you need to use the device with the app. If you want only to avail of the cleansing function, then you can turn the app down once you’ve connected it for the first time to choose the intensity.

Should I add FOREO Luna 3 to my Korean skincare routine?

If you are into K-beauty, then you know that cleansing your skin is the basis of a great routine.

Double cleansing is the standard, but sometimes this is not enough, especially when we wear makeup or if we’re in contact with pollution.

That’s where the FOREO Luna 3 comes in handy: its brushes are suitable for different types of skin and help your cleanser to penetrate better, improving the general texture of your skin.

I recommend you keep going with your normal double cleansing routine: start with cleansing oil and introduce your Luna during the second cleansing, with the cleanser of your choice.

What’s the best Korean cleanser to use with the FOREO Luna 3?

I’ve been using my Luna 3 with these three Korean cleansers:

I alternate them to avoid my skin from getting used to the same product, and I’ve never had any problem.

Before using my Luna 3, I also wash my face with one of these oil cleansers that I alternate for the same reason as above:

Where can I buy FOREO Luna?

I strongly advise you buy your FOREO Luna 3 on the official FOREO store. For a simple reason: the device can only be activated using the official app. Hence it has to be certified and original to work.

The FOREO device packaging contains either a Magnetic Scratch Card or an Authenticity Card with a unique serial number on it so that you can go to the FOREO support page and register it; after registering your product, you will receive an email with all your registration details to have everything ready in case of a problem with your beauty product.

It’s easy to counterfeit products and sells them for way less than the original price, but the surprise you have when it doesn’t connect to your app is quite disappointing. Also, we’re talking about a device you need to use on your skin, and for this reason, you need to be extra careful in choosing it.

Only the official store can guarantee you’re buying the right product!

Does Foreo Luna really work?

The FOREO Luna 3 really works. If you haven’t used a cleansing brush, you’ll be pleasantly surprised after the first use. Your skin will feel way cleaner. Your pores won’t be clogged anymore if you will keep using them, and overall your skin will be a lot more bright.

The benefits of the massaging system may not be visible immediately. Still, over a certain period of time (variable by person), you may start noticing that your skin looks firmer than before.

FOREO Luna 3: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the FOREO Luna 3 that will help you narrowing choosing for the best.

Can I use FOREO Luna 3 in the shower?

FOREO Luna 3 can be used in the shower or bath because it’s completely waterproof.

Can the Luna 3 replace my makeup remover?

No, I advise you to keep removing your makeup with Korean oil, wash your face, and then use your Luna with your usual cleanser

Can I use the Luna 3 with cleansing oil?

No, you can’t use the Luna 3 with a cleansing oil because it will impact the silicone and damage the device.

Is FOREO good for blackheads?

The FOREO Luna 3 can be of good help in the case of oily skin and blackheads. The brush’s movement helps the skin releasing excessive oil and unclogs the pores, both in the short and most of all in the long term. If you follow up with specific products against oily skin and acne, your skin will be in better shape in a concise amount of time.

Bear in mind, though, that your skin may suffer from a breakout at the beginning because the device will start breaking the pores to clean them; don’t worry, keep going, and you’ll notice results quite easily and quickly.

Does FOREO Luna 3 exfoliate?

FOREO Luna 3 gently exfoliates your skin without traumatizing it. You can keep using a Korean exfoliator once or twice a week if you want to give your skin an extra kick.

When should I charge my FOREO device?

You should charge your Luna only when the LED indicator begins flashing. If you start recharging it when it doesn’t have to be charged, the battery may get damaged, and the device’s longevity will be compromised.

How do I charge my FOREO Luna device?

The Luna comes with a USB cable that you have to insert into your device’s charging port. When the device is fully charged, the LED will emit a glow. Make sure you charge it before the first use. Always use the official charger to avoid damaging your device’s battery.

Luna 3 Range

Is it worth buying FOREO Luna 3?

If you’re thinking of buying a FOREO Luna 3, I’ve no hesitation in saying it’s a good investment to step up your Korean skincare routine and bring it to the next level. You may think it is expensive, but the money spent on this device is 100% worth it. The skin immediately feels smoother and cleaner after using the Luna 3, and the massager is relaxing and effective.

It may not be necessary, but it’s one of those little skincare luxuries that’s worth having and using to pamper ourselves.

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